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We currently host and manage over 250 websites, some international but mostly for businesses in the Sussex and Kent region.

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We don’t use call centres, lock in contracts, penalties or any unfair usage policies whatsoever. Just good quality hosting alongside great customer service. You can view all our hosting packages at Neptune Hosting.

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The Big Three

What really makes our hosting different


Autoscaling is what makes our hosting a true ‘cloud platform’. Resources to your websites are scaled up or down depending on demand. So if there’s a traffic surge your site continues to function and offer the same fast experience for every user.

Your site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platform’s compute, memory and storage resources. So, if for any reason your server is slow, another can step in and take over seamlessly. We always keep plenty of resource in reserve.

Load Balancing

Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Other web hosts may say they use load balancing but not the kind we’ve developed. Their load balancing mitigates failover: if a server goes down, your site will be moved to another, so it stays online.

Our load balancing makes use of monitors that will respond to traffic load and balance it across multiple servers when needed. The consequence for you is this: your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.

Google DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates domain names – and email addresses – into IP addresses. So when you visit a URL, your browser knows the address of the server to download the page from. It’s an essential part of the internet – so it needs to be fast.

Google knows all about fast internet response times – as you’d expect! Their global fibre network leads the industry. It provides a quick and stable response regardless of traffic. So we built our DNS platform on the same infrastructure as Google.