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Need changes to your site? No problem!

How we charge

The first thing to know is we are a small business with low overheads. No larges offices or teams of permanent employees to fund. As a result we can charge you less for the same quality of work as a large agency may charge you.

Whilst we encourage our clients to take control of their websites and update them themselves there are times and situations where a client will want us to update or make changes to their website.

Web Design & Development Rates

£40 per hour
£25 Minimum charge (for very small changes upto 30 mins)

How we work

The simplest way to describe how we work is as follows. We discuss what you need to be done, we tell you what you need to provide to us in terms of text or images, once we have everything we need from you we can schedule in your work.

Turnaround times for website changes/updates

Small changes – 2 to 4 days (Simple edits to text or images)

Moderate changes – 5 to 7 days (Changes to layouts and design)

Larger changes – 7 to 10 days (Changes to layouts, design, functions and or additional code or features)

(Working days are Monday to Friday)

Urgent / Short notice requests.

If you need an update done urgently and can’t wait for it to be done under the normal time frames, we can put in the extra hours to get it done most of the time. We charge £65 per hour this service.