With 2015 now well underway, we hope you’ve settled back into a normal routine and are now looking forward to everything you have planned for the year — be that new products, new services, or a new business venture altogether. And, while it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of new projects, it’s important to make sure that your audience is excited, too.

Marketing is an essential part of this process — from the individual product or service to the business as a whole, it’s crucial that you know your brand, know your audience and know your marketing channels if you want to reach your goals. It’s very difficult to generate interest overnight, so it’s a good idea to lay these foundations early — by creating interesting content and generating regular conversation around your brand, it’ll be much easier to get your audience on board when you need them to create a buzz.

Our friends over at Ad-Rank have compiled a list of 100 ways to improve your marketing efforts this year, covering everything from social media marketing and native ads to email correspondence and usability fixes. Whether you’re stuck for blogging inspiration, or feel the need to refresh your email newsletters, you’re bound to find some answers in this guide.