Illustration to engage and inspire

Thoughtful and striking illustration for your business

Capture the imagination

There are times when illustration is the best way to display information over using text.

Engaging and unique

We specialise in business, training and educational illustration. We work with you to take your project and turn it into easy to digest and engaging illustrations.

Our in house illustration is your perfect route to unique visuals.

Hourly rate – £60

Illustrations are key to delivering a message or setting yourself apart from your competition

We’re waiting to help you!

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      In-house Illustration

      Andy Willard

      Andy is our in-house illustrator. He has over 30 years experience in illustration for commercial and business applications.

      These include:

      • Logos / Branding
      • Marketing materials
      • Exhibitions
      • Merchandise
      • Animations
      • Internal communications