Just a quick bit of help here.

If you have been in the Facebook Dashboard and tried to use the feature ‘Use Facebook As’ and then been sent back to the Campaigns page, there is a good reason for this.

In fact there are many other scenarios in Facebook and reasons why this might happen so we won’t list them all but there is one solution for this problem.

  • You need to go to your personal Facebook profile (not your business page).
  • Then you need to ‘Like’ your Business Page.
  • Log out.
  • Log in to your business page
  • Go to the ‘Page’ in question
  • From the drop-down ‘Edit Page’ choose ‘Admin Roles’
  • In the empty box type the email address you use to login to your personal Facebook profile
  • You will be prompted for the password of your personal profile
  • Leave ‘Manager’ selected by default
  • Click Save.

That’s it. Now Log back in to your personal profile and you will be able to use the ‘Use Facebook As’ feature.

(You’ll find it top right, after the Home link. Click the small down facing arrow)